We looking for a aid organizations to help for free 😋

Hello dear ones

So far we have been giving yoga on a donation basis 1x per week for almost 2 years. This means that everyone gives as much as they can / like. As a guideline, we have always found 15 CHF to be good.This was only possible because of the friendly support of Bananenreiferei. They sponsored the Room.The Shine School project in Kenya has been completed. More information here:

Karma Yoga

We would like to continue supporting a project. But we need an aid organisation where we can be sure that the money will arrive where it is supposed to. (no 600 people office staff). Preferably smaller organizations. On the other hand, it would be great if they also supported this in their newsletter/social media. Preferably based in CH / ZH. Preferably a local project or otherwise India, whether children or women, education or similar. Please PN us if you are interested / have suggestions! Best thanks Namastè